About Us

Growing up in the rural logging town of Kamiah, Idaho, and working summer breaks for area ranchers imprinted a strong work ethic and small-town values in me as a youth. Our only bathroom facilities, until I was six, was an outhouse.  I learned later that visiting friends and family were a little horrified by the lack of indoor plumbing.  I just thought it was the way everyone lived.  It’s a little ironic that I’ve gone on to a career in plumbing.


In 1989, after graduating from high school, I continued my education with a degree from the University of Idaho, majoring in public relations with a minor in business.  As a means of paying my way through college I worked as an apprentice for a local plumbing company.  In the beginning there was a lot of ditch digging for water and sewer lines through the Palouse clay.  After a “proving period” I got to trade in my shovel, for the most part, for pipe wrenches and became a plumbing service technician.  My degree from the U of I has served me well over the years as a business owner.


After working several years for some great plumbing and heating companies in Washington and Montana, my wife, three children, and I  came back home to Idaho to settle in Kootenai County.  On January 1 of 2007,  I opened the doors of Apex Plumbing & Heating.  Each year we have seen substantial growth, which is noteworthy given the difficult economic climate of those early years.  I attribute much of that growth to the hard-earned values of customer service, working smart, controlling costs, and pricing for sustainability. 


Our mission statement is, “To enjoy the work of meeting the plumbing and heating needs of Kootenai County through excellent service and sustainable pricing”.  The favorite part of my job is sitting down at the kitchen table after repairing a difficult problem and visiting for a few minutes with our customers.  I want the people in my company to really “enjoy” their jobs and the people we serve.  To not just be a plumbing and heating repairman, but to be a company that makes our customers’ day better on a personal level.